Data at the core


Our field team spends considerable time compiling datasets of project sites, crusher operators, miners, transporters and routes on which trucks can travel.

These datasets allow us to generate real-time and highly optimized cost estimates for delivery of specific material to a project site and to identify optimized routes for least cost transportation.

Using these estimates, we engage with supply side and fulfill the demand side orders.

We have already compiled detailed datasets of two primary zones, and plan to cover eight zones in India in 2019.

                                            Real-Time Analytics

Real-Time Analytics

Using real-time analytics, we can match unassigned orders with available vehicles. Not only does this allow us to increase vehicle utilization but also minimizes the chances of a few suppliers courting multiple orders, leading to improved convenience and transparency.

Our clients enjoy 95% on-time delivery which is 80% higher than industry average.

Vehicles associated with IPLT on a continuous basis have 25% higher utilization than industry average. This lowers the fixed cost on a per unit basis for fleet operators and enables them to quote competitive prices.

                                            Route Optimization

Route Optimization

Through our field operations, we have mapped data on concentrated routes in construction-heavy clusters.

Leveraging this data, we have developed digital solutions that provide real-time visibility to fleet operators and clients for improved efficiency and transparency.

Additionally, our Driver Helpline Mobile App allows drivers get live inputs based on traffic scenarios aggregated from the vehicles operating on the route at any given time.

This app developed keeping the driver community in mind, and extensively uses vernacular language for higher uptake and convenience.