Electric Truck

                                                                                                          ELECTRIC TRUCK

                                                      Superior Mileage

VCU Program adapted to duty cycle and driving behaviour

Regen contributes 25% of the duty cycle energy requirements

Best in class energy consumption of 1.50 kWh/km, 40% lesser than industry anticipated mileage in such trucks (since no truck other than IPLT is currently in commercial operation, industry anticipated mileage is the only benchmark).

                                                       Made in India pricing

Right sized drivetrain

Right sizing led to 40% reduction in cost of production

Efficient procurement with component-wise benchmarking

Supply chain optimization across the board has brought down the bill of material by 20%

                                                     Reduced Maintenance

1/5th Moving Parts

No engine, no ignition components, no exhaust

Reduce wear and tear of brakes due to regen

40% lesser cost of maintenance of the Electric Truck than the Diesel Truck

                                                      TECHNOLOGICAL EDGE

98% Motor Efficiency

Automatic transmission keeps the motor always in the sweet spot of its efficiency curve

4,000 Cycle Battery

Air-conditioned Lithium Iron Phosphate battery pack with over industry leading 4,000 cycles life

Reduced Product Development Time: Only company in the world having simulation tool for determining right drivetrain, efficiency and mileage in the pre-production phase