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                                                                        Infrastructure | Innovation | Empathy

Infrastructure is a natural complement to technology in fostering global growth, but it comes at a heavy cost. Worldwide, it employs over six million mega trucks – some of the most polluting vehicles. At IPLT, we are driven to minimize this heavy pollution by deploying heavy-duty fully electric 55-MT made in India trucks.

The Electric Truck has an automatic transmission and various driver aids which would elongate the driving life of the driver.

The trucks engaged in infrastructure development are concentrated on selected routes which would enable us to quickly setup and expand our proprietary charger network. Further, due to frequent loading, we envisage vehicle charging time to have no impact on vehicle utilization.

In several countries, unorganized fleet operators manage these trucks. These fleet operators operate through several layer of intermediaries. The resulting friction leads to lower utilization of the trucks even though ample business is available. At IPLT, we are organizing these fleet operators in India – a challenging market for construction logistics.

By bringing together the benefits of electric trucks and data-driven vehicle management, we are ensuring benefits of cutting-edge technology percolate down to small fleet operators. We are redefining the way infrastructure is built in India while bringing down the cost of infrastructure development by half and yet preserving our natural environment.